Chaspen Opera Theatre:

“Chaspen presents traditional operas and symphonies in fresh, innovative ways: a multimedia “Don Giovanni” as a Hollywood producer, “The Marriage of Figaro” rewritten as a comedy set during the Civil War, and “Cosi Fan Tutte” set in a Texas saloon during the siege of the Alamo.” — Seattle Times

Chaspen Chamber Orchestra:

“I often muse about creativity and its role as one of life’s essentials. Playing violin, especially in orchestral setting, seems remotely creative, mostly RE-creative — far removed from the composer’s creative act. What you have accomplished, though, with an extraordinary fusion of energy, talent and work, is an act of creativity in the truest sense; and for the artists, brings us much closer to the creative spirit than most professional endeavors. Thank you.” — Eric Meng, Concertmaster

Chaspen Summer Music Festival:

“I want to take this opportunity to again express my appreciation and sense of excitement over the tremendous results you are achieving! During my summer participation, I could not help but notice the profound effect the experience was having on the participants! While I would suspect that all would acknowledge the tremendous improvement in performance which took place during the session, it seems to me that a more significant result was taking place. Readily apparent was the fact that these students were experiencing the rewards which derive from the skillfully assisted focusing of their efforts. What a pleasure to be a part of that process! These are the successes that undeniably motivate toward excellence. From my perspective, these results are the mark of an exceptional program. You made a believer out of me.” — Dr. Robin D. Miller